​​Carpet & Rug CREATIONS in Fort Walton Beach, FL

HOURS:9 AM - 5 PM MONDAY - THURSDAY                                                        35 WALTER MARTIN RD NE, FORT WALTON BCH, FL 32548

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Jack and Melba Poole began this adventure in 1979 with Jack's Carpet Sales & Service. They built their business with integrity, hard work and a touch of perfectionism. Jack and Melba became local experts whom other industry professionals would look to with difficult or intricate jobs. Through many years of working with carpet, they realized a special knack for design and creation of custom work. In 1989, they made a leap of faith and transformed their business to solely creating designer rugs and installing custom carpet.

Jack and Melba work with the best local interior decorators or one-on-one with you to design the perfect custom rug for your individual style.